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​The past two years have seen a massive shift in the way we work, with working from home becoming the new normal there has never been a more important time to ensure your technology runs smoothly across the whole company. Finding qualified tech candidates can be a major challenge for companies as the demand for skilled talent is unlikely to cease anytime soon. But what does 2022 look like when recruiting for these positions?

As technology changes, roles will adapt and change as well, we have seen a rise in DevOps positions, developer roles and an increased need for knowledge in AI. While traditional infrastructure is still in place, organisations need to adapt to remain modern and competitive. This includes hiring talent that can manage the modern computer systems and ensure each employee is able to perform in their role throughout the year ahead.

Currently, we are looking at the shift to a candidate-driven market, there are more jobs than there are candidates, which puts candidates in a position to be more selective with finding their perfect role. Utilising a recruitment service helps organisations to understand the talent available. Sourcing top talent and reliable employees can be time consuming and, if you’re not a specialist in that area, can be confusing or often misleading. Recruitment agencies have specialists who have worked within certain sectors for years and have built their experience on understanding the top talent and who would fit the roles available to them.

Working alongside recruitment agencies, such as Monday at Nine, enables organisations to gain access to talent they may not have had access to previously. Organisations can also lean on advice from us to understand what a potential employee is looking for, for example, a competitive salary will not be enough to entice new talent, employees are looking for companywide benefits, work-life balance, and advancement opportunities.

Monday at Nine also facilitate the remote hiring process. This continues to be the favoured way of speaking to candidates, as it is secure and reduces time spent for both the candidate and the potential employer. With no sign of the current working situation changing, employers need to be flexible on their interview techniques to attract talent. Embracing the remote recruitment reaches a wider net across the talent pool and will assist in an organisation’s brand feel up to date.

Organisations need to make their business appeal to top talent, as mentioned before, company wide benefits and flexible working appeal to top talent. When candidates have multiple roles offered to them, they are more likely to pick an organisation whose values align to their own and entice the candidate to make the move.

Stay ahead of your competitors, speak to us today to secure top talent for your organisation.