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​Why would anyone want to go into recruitment? I often think of KPIs and some Wolf of Wall Street esque office where everyone is shouting and the pressure mounts, cold calling and putting 10 candidates forward when only one or two are right for the role. I am pleased to say, I was wrong (or I just joined the right company), recruitment is not what I imagined.

Recruitment is hard, and there are tough times (when a candidate changes their mind, or an offer is withdrawn, which is something we can’t blame on anyone, right decisions have to be made) but there is also a lot to love about recruitment, and I wanted to share a couple of reasons on this month’s Monday at Nine blog.


Making a placement is an amazing feeling of achievement, not just for you but for the candidate. When you’ve guided someone through what can be a stressful process you build a relationship, it’s hard not to, so when you get the go ahead to pass on the offer, it’s a privilege to share that news, especially when the candidate accepts 😊


Every day you get to talk to people. Whether on the phone, via email or through messages, you just get to speak to people. This brings on so many opportunities, you learn about other people’s reactions and how to manage them, you learn aspects of roles that you weren’t even aware of, and you learn about more about organisations that you wouldn’t normally.

Creating relationships is crucial to building a business and your personal brand but, maintaining them is key to growing both professionally and personally and I’m not sure there are many industries that let you do this like recruitment does.

Assisting people in achieving their work goal is truly satisfying but equally benchmarking a hiring manager’s standard with top talent is incredibly fulfilling. The simple fact that one conversation can change someone’s life, makes you want to get in touch.

Finding a diamond in the rough

Having the same job title as the position we are recruiting for isn’t guaranteed that the particular person is right for the role, but finding someone who has the skills, experience, and a genuine interest in the organisation, is a great feeling, especially within this candidate driven market. Finding innovative ways to find the perfect candidate is our bread and butter.

The company

Working for a company that shares your values, pushes you to do your best and embraces every high and low each employee feels is fulfilling in its own right. Having a team that supports you and assists you really does make the dream.


While I am still very early in my recruiting career, I have understood that every day really is a school day. You’re constantly expanding your skills in different ways; you learn how to be resilient, new areas in your specialism, how to prepare for any outcome and how to tailor your skills to find the best candidates, every time. This is not a ‘plod along’ role, it’s challenging, exciting and offers you so much.

There are many reasons why I have fallen in love with my job (if you can call it that now), but for anyone thinking of making the move into recruitment, I would highly recommend it.